Catalog Safety Jogger EU nov 16 - page 7

Innovation in every step
Quality is key to our organization.
By developing in our own facilities
and by inspecting all materials
in the company’s specialized
test laboratory, we can monitor
every aspect of the products
we produce. As a result, we got
certified by the most known
institutes in the industry and can
guarantee our products meet the
highest norms when it comes to
From the well-considered design and
construction to the final product distribution,
Safety Jogger controls every step of the
process. Advanced research & development
facilities in Europe and Asia make sure all
products are manufactured with the latest
technological features and according to
Safety Jogger’s quality standards. Thanks to
the knowledge of our experienced footwear
professionals, the continuous investments in
training and innovation and our motivated
employees, we are able to exceed your
expectations when it comes to functionality,
product design and service.
Quality is key
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